I just want to say I love you.

A kitten was born.

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Thank you for bringing Kylo.

Do you think Lum believed what you told him?

Tolerant has been searching for Lucius for years.

I don't find it intimidating.

Thierry accidentally stapled the fleshy part of his ear.

The cat played with the live mouse.

You seem a little sore.

I am against war.

Bradley told me to meet him there.

Tahsin worked around the clock.

Being 25 letters long, 'anticonstitutionnellement' is the longest word in French.


This bus will take you around the city.

I've written a couple of Christmas songs.

He is believed to have been killed in action.


I've been hoping someone would drop by.

Maria lives in a middle class neighborhood.

He came by the sign.

I wish you'd consider coming back to work for us.

My parents were proud of me.

I will choose one.

Would you excuse us for a moment?

You didn't see anyone come in, did you?

He's just angry because we're having so much fun.

It's time that you stopped wasting your youth on idle pastimes.

I think it's time for me to show you how to do that properly.

Good grief! I had no idea you had been placed in such a tight spot.

He jumped into the cold and calm waters of the gulf, and started to swim through the darkness.


I sacrificed one.

Hide yourself before he comes here!

There's the rub.

Just be thankful you don't have all of Darryl's problems.

I've made that same mistake several times.


I am sorry to have taken up your valuable time.

We need to find out if Lynnette can speak French.

She applied to the chief for a vacation.

You were woken up.

I am dissatisfied with his manners at the party.

Everything had happened so quickly.

Hardship makes the man.


I saw a fly on the ceiling.


I'm no quitter.

Only a few people showed up on time.

Did you ever date them?

He had no sooner arrived than he was asked to leave.

Donn has been friendly to me.

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Kenn is a good chef.

However cold it may be, he still jogs 20 kilometers every day.

Kristen couldn't tell what the problem was.


I was very tired, so I went to bed early.


Doyle is a dental technician.

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I don't have any food to eat.

This car is easy to drive.

We're not going ashore.

How have you lived?

A lot can happen in a month.

I won't be late.

We can't outrun them.


He is quick at addition.

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Water in a solid state is called ice.

We're not invited.

Are you offering to help?

I'm sorry I got you mixed up in this.

I'm really worried about you.

Ann kept in touch with Timothy.

You refused to answer my question.

I don't want her to see that.

We're busier than we've ever been.

Rajendra squeezed the juice from the orange.

Does he often call his parents at home?

You must not smoke while working.

Get out of here. I need some peace and quiet.


Some people were hanging around at the entrance.

I wonder what scared Stagger.

I want to be a guitarist.

No one takes Tyler seriously.

He spent his sixtieth birthday in the hospital.


It was kind of you to help me.

Ethan can't even ride a bicycle.

It'll probably be easier for everyone if we don't tell Clayton until after we shut the life support down.

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Whales are classified as mammals.

Diane can't get his computer to start up.

I cannot afford to buy a new bicycle.

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Louie was reading a book.

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How could I possibly forget about the task that you've entrusted to me?

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Instead, I will turn to a discussion of the two economic variables I defined a moment ago.


I guess I'm going to have to learn French.

Why don't you just go away and leave me alone?

That's not what I told him.


Everyone wants something.

Do not fancy yourselves to be special, for you are not so.

His father worked on the railway.

I'm not going to play golf with Spass.

This adds color to the way he speaks.


I had nothing to do with the matter.

She is a massive dimwit and inherently apathetic and incapable of rational thought.

We can see Mt. Fuji over there.

Sjouke sliced the tomatoes.

Both of my parents have passed away.

They satisfied their thirst at the spring.

I don't think television will take the place of books.

You were supposed to be watching the baby.

Why was Stagger sent home?

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Is this pure gold?

I wanted to pay.

Would you tell me what time the train starts?

I'm a fan of environmentalism.

Felicja's children think that their father Lazarz is more handsome than Justin Bieber.

One is new, and the other is old.

The lower your self esteem, the more you tend to focus on negative things.

Choose carefully.


He flew to New York on business.

Excuse me, I don't understand.

No one saw me take it.

Venus is referred to as the Evening Star because it is the brightest planet that can be viewed from Earth. Its thick cloud cover is an excellent reflector of the Sun's light.

My legs are as heavy as lead.

She disassembled a TV set.

I'm eighty-three years old.

That car is a real beauty.

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Can I entrust the task to you?

Strictly speaking, it was not a vertical line.

Why don't you give her some flowers?

It seems to be his statement.

Panos is a little worried.


She doesn't study as hard as her sister.

I wasn't the one who found Nicolo's keys.

That's surprising.

It's a double whammy.

Let's try it this way.

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Whatever one loves is beautiful.

He hoped to see his son married to Kazuhiro's daughter.

Waiting for Kate, I saw Bob and Gigi.

Poverty and crime will never be eradicated completely.

I want to buy this material for a new dress. How much does it cost?

I'm not happy about your results. That's what I wanted to tell you.

We keep in touch.

I didn't mind doing that at all.

Further investigation will offer many opportunities to obtain more valuable knowledge of the ocean.

I told them my name was Kelvin.

Jennifer has already eaten dinner.

Six hundred thousand men were killed or wounded.

Mega Bloks are less expensive than legos.

Your sentences were like a green meadow in winter.

Shall we start studying?

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Are you taking the bet?

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There was no one there but him.

They want to help.

Japan claims the Northern Territories for its own.

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I couldn't live in Boston without you.

You should've taken better care of your bicycle.

Why would you want to remember that?

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I thought it was a mistake to go talk to Major about that.

It's very puzzling.

There's something I need to do.

I lent one.

Betty climbed Mt. Fuji a few years ago.


If Jesus Christ was the being which those mythologists tell us he was, and that he came into this world to suffer, which is a word they sometimes use instead of 'to die,' the only real suffering he could have endured would have been 'to live.'

Kelly cleared his throat and begin to speak.

Juri said that he didn't want to eat anything.


I think he's telling the truth.


Many factors must be considered.


Maureen is genuinely trying to help.

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I knew I shouldn't have parked here.