I wasn't expecting anyone.

I think this is pretty cool.

It's news to me.

Tor is a very wealthy man.


The cause of Dan's death was officially ruled as undetermined.

We can always count on Spudboy in an emergency.

Trying kept moving.

"Idiot," "moron," and "imbecile" were all once scientific terms referring to specific IQ ranges.

I found out the cause of my death.

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You'd better take him home.

You're so evil!

Something went wrong with my watch.

I'm not much older than he is.

Here there are many wildflowers.

Don't play dumb!

Darren couldn't remember who he'd lent his umbrella to.

We've got to talk seriously.

He confided in me things he would tell no one else.

Why did you ask me that?

I want to know what happened to the gun Johnathan gave you.


Pfft! Who cares what Brooke thinks?

Aimee attended Harvard University.

Something felt wrong.


How about the food i ordered?

Will you be home for dinner?

What's the difference between microbes and bacteria?


I wonder when the Civil War started.

Mwa is a drug addict.

I need to see you, and to see you again, and to see you always.


That idea we were discussing in class yesterday really piqued my interest.


Are you well prepared for today's exam?

I've done my best.

I suggest you go west.

I'm going to prove it.

I'm taking her some food.

The sun is a medium-sized star.

Gretchen and I are giving up.

When the bell rang, the teacher ended the class.

I will teach you how skate next Sunday.


George wrote Margaret's name and phone number in his notebook.

He caught me by the hand.

He has good chances of being chosen.


What are your ideas on the subject?


Everyone says that Nancy is very pretty.

I came to find you.

Do you like opera?

What is that thing in your right hand?

He will never live up to his parent's expectations.

They shook hands.

She is a shy, insecure, overly sensitive girl.

Add two to three, and you get five.

Hui didn't see that one coming.


Where are you going, boy?

Mr. White went to Canada.

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

I bought an mp3 copy of Debussy's "Clair de Lune" in an online music store.

The news upset her deeply.

Do you want some raisins in your oatmeal?

The town is accessible by rail.

Your offer is reasonable.

They should lock him up and throw away the key.

He assumed a new identity.

He is a very earnest person.

We are dozing off.

In December 1989, he sent troops to Panama.


He was seriously injured in the accident.

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The wind stopped.

Better an egg today than a hen tomorrow.

I hope Nicolo sees this.


It looks like you've made a friend.

It's on now on TF1.

The grand jury indicted Byron for murder.

What happened down there?

Lea didn't look like a freak.

Through what does this road go?

I'll be back at ten.

She keeps a handkerchief in her hand all the time.

Brett is the manager of the club.

Luke still hasn't completely recovered.

We consider public libraries a legitimate citizen's right.


There are 5 members of my household

It's obvious why his stomach hurts.

Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

The dog has lapped up the milk.

He's a smart little feller.

Thank you for being here.

I saved the best for last.

He demanded that we leave at once.

Traditional Japanese houses are held together with wooden joints.

It looks like Naim is a little preoccupied.

Aaron knew what was going to happen.

I've always enjoyed working with kids.

Nancy needs the table setting.

We'll go now if you're ready.

I'm going to propose to her.

The coin is made out of gold.

There's nothing more important than friendship.

Nhan and Tovah want different things.

It's hurting our children.


If you are tired, go to bed.

Human ovum is barely visible to the naked eye.

It's my job to help them.

I'll be with you every step of the way.

Does this come in any other colour?

Liza certainly has had more than one job offer by now.

The stepmother was hard on her.

I realize it was a stupid thing to do.

All his teeth were sound.

That's not something I can do.

Vince tried to say something, but Dominick interrupted him.

You haven't met Amigo yet, have you?

What is the date?

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I received an ebook Reader for Christmas.

That woman tricked me and stole my money.

I feel like having some kebab.


What do they know?

You told me not to talk to Deirdre, remember?

The trend is always to produce more products using fewer employees.

After watching the movie, I wanted to read the book, too.

A dog is running in the park.

This is a secret just between you and me, so don't let it slip out.

Jesus is a graduate student.

I have a wonderful job.

Jochen won't know the difference.

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Did you get everything?

He likes mathematics, but I don't.

Kenneth said that's to be expected.


Will and Frederick are playing with John's cat.

Frederic will never know it was you who told me.

It's five o'clock already? Where does the time go?

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She didn't notice one of her buttons unfastened.

I owe it to Mr Smith that I was able to overcome my difficulties.

It was stupid of you to believe in him.


Tell me something about yourself.

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I'll see him around.


Dog food is getting more expensive.

I've been sitting here watching Isabelle flipping burgers and rotating the sausages on the grill.

We had sex once and his wife found out.

If the telephone rings, can you answer it?

I didn't want to bother you.

I have tons of books at the office.

Lance is the happiest person in the world right now.


I'd like to make a reservation for tonight.

He doesn't have any idea how important this meeting is.

I've worked with them.

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Bottle or glass?

Why should I give it up?

Our eyes met for a moment.


We're extroverted.

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Please sign your name here.

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We wear uniforms at our school.

Shyam will never admit to being wrong even if he knows that he is.

Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time.

Emmett was covered with mud.

We don't know that for a fact.


What remains after ten years of marriage is the routine.

A dollar is equal to a hundred cents.

I've never had that kind of problem.

Hsuan took some more of the bread.

There's no place I'd rather be.

Want an apple?

Is any of this true?

I like lasagna.

I don't have a niece.

I'm not even going to dignify that with an answer.

I'm not good at public speaking.


I'm supposed to be somewhere else right now.

Try as I might, I just cannot stay awake in front of the TV at night.

This is kind of boring.