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Why is Meehan selling his house?


It is dangerous to cross the street here.


Ask him whether she is at home or not.


Martha didn't come after all.

I have four in my family.

This is unusual.

I never told you that.

Phillip gave Thuan a moment to think about it.

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An ambiguous sentence is very difficult to translate.

I'm here because I think I can help you.

Don't call her that.

She has her arm in a cast.

She sometimes has her sister write her term papers.

Darci feels exactly the same way as Nichael does.

I don't know where my crutches are, have you seen them?

That's too late.

I won't change my mind.

Chris is getting weaker by the hour.

You should take it off.


Tracy isn't interested in Christina.

Though I am old, you are still young.

I was moved by the story.

He glanced at the book.

A month has passed and the work has made little progress.

Miek doesn't particularly want to go swimming.

I'll tell him so then.

Hirotoshi said he didn't know what Nancy wanted him to buy.

Paul is punctual like a clock.

I can't get that melody out of my head.

The fact is, I have heard nothing about it.


Please come over if you have time.


I can't believe I'm agreeing to this.

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I had planned to stop at the supermarket on the way home, but it was closed.


Did Marika like Japanese comic books?

In order to register your product, you have to create in ID on our website.

Please tell me how to get to the beach.

Banned books are books to which free access is not permitted.

In 1955, the cancer returned and she died in 1956 at the age of 42.

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I want to drink a cold beer.

Byron always uses the rice cooker that he brought back from Japan.

We waited for the news with a lot of anxiety.


I'm pretty sure Skip has a pair of skis.

Monday mornings make me really grouchy.

Give the car a push for me, will you?

Hazel seems like a very nice guy.

My desire to become a doctor grew out of looking after my sickly brother.

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I'm sure Christophe misses you.

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That was brave!

I don't want any rice.

Please send an empty email message to info@example.com.


Kuldip slammed his bedroom door closed.

Show me how it works.

I am a very sad man.

Why should I worry?

I never got an answer from her.

You fired me.

He wanted to buy an electric typewriter but his friend talked him into buying a word processor.

You too can easily become a millionaire... if you are a billionaire.

What is graven on a stone, isn't written for no reason.


Dark clouds are rolling in. It's going to rain.

There is some wind.

Sorry, but I can't do so.

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Your shirt's on inside out.

Such a man is bound to fail.

Our fridge is broken.

See what you can find out about Jill.

Jayesh doesn't want them there.


The eyes are windows to the soul.


Shutoku doesn't seem to mind.

He took apart a watch.

See if you can find out more about Susanne.

I went to school with your brother.

It was a positive experience.

I feel like everything I do is mediocre.

A saint's maid quotes Latin.


Why does the shepherd want a beautiful wife, if he does not see her during the day, and, at night, they take her away from him?

I'm just going to sit here.

No one came to help me.


Are you going to remove the nerve?

This is one of the basic rules.

In 2015, Novak Djokovic of Serbia became the third man in the Open Era of tennis (starting in 1968), after Rod Laver and Roger Federer, to reach all four Grand Slam finals in a single year.

They became friends in elementary school.

We never expected this.

She has been married to him for a decade now.

I feel like I was born in the wrong era.


I think Alain is efficient.


That's a very difficult question to answer.


I assumed Carolyn was still at home.

Do you have any questions?

Molly refused to conceal the truth.

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Tickets are available to the public for $30.

What did you really mean?

Don't worry about Kemal.

I'm so glad you're staying.

How can I reach him?


Ronni loved you.

Should I bring him with me?

Under no circumstances can you enter in here.

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The names of those who died have not been released.


I do not want any sandwiches.

It never occurred to me that you wouldn't want one.

Is there anything you want to tell me, Ti?

I love it when you cook for me.

Wallowing is an important element of a good life in pigs.

There are things that women will never understand...

Sometimes hockey players get so competitive that fights break out.

Everyone had to start working.

He left the room the moment he saw me.

My grandfather does moderate exercise every morning, which is why he is strong and healthy.

Except that here, it's not so simple.

I've had enough to eat already.

How could you let Rusty go?

I just thought you might want to eat something.

He had trouble getting money.

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How much TV do you watch?

Miltos doesn't know how to play the bass guitar.

I'm not going to answer that.

I need people who I can trust.

Do you have a prenup?

And who did you learn that from?

What am I supposed to tell them?

He lives in peace.

I understand Moses's frustration.

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Blayne stayed out late last night.

What is this for?

I take it for granted that she will join us.

If you have any doubts, let me know without any hesitation.

I didn't understand a word that guy said.

A cellar was dug on top of the hill and they slowly moved the house from the road to the hill.

I love it!

Sandeep encouraged Pitawas to buy a hybrid car.

She killed herself yesterday.

Life is often compared to a voyage.

I have not been able to find a job so far.

He can't be young.

I didn't come here for a drink.

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Susan found dragon eggs while spelunking.

They've spent their money well.

We didn't receive any notification of his having been fired.


Children's laughter could be heard in the distance.

Unfortunately, it's not that simple.

Arnold is obviously malnourished.

That seems understandable.

Jef can't speak French and neither can I.

I suggest you should do away with this shop.

And what should we do?

If all the year were holiday, having fun would be as tedious as working.

We cannot sleep because of the sound.

He frankly pointed out my faults.

Never tell him 'I don't know the answer'.


We can hardly keep alive on this salary.

You know I'm not coming back, right?

His words don't match his actions.


Christopher Columbus was once quoted as saying that pirates were too "simple-minded". He created the Bermuda Triangle later that year.

Help me and I'll help Lewis.

The price includes the postage charge.

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I am on our high school soccer team.


You cannot do all these things at once.


I think you did that intentionally.

Generally we all eat together at the table.

There were a lot of stars seen in the sky.

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We're ready for the game.