How long have you been married to Shannon?

We'll straighten everything out.

I wasn't expecting to be back here again so soon.

He should have the right to decide for himself.

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Everyone here knows you can't trust Sandip.

Wendi put the cake in the oven.

The color of her eyes is blue.


There was a sudden change of plan.

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What've I ever done to her?


Is there enough room in the car for everybody?

Many people hunt.

One lives and learns.

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I've been told that you were looking for a babysitter.

Pia saved a seat for me.

They don't understand French at all.

Fletcher has a gramophone.

Why should I do that?

Be quiet while I'm speaking.

He's rich, but he lives like a beggar.

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She was a shining example to people everywhere.


I will help as much as I can.

I observed him stop.

I don't have enemies.

Oscar asked Michel a rather difficult question.

My grandpa is sick.


One does not simply walk into Mordor.

Who is going into the city tomorrow?

I let the cat out of the house.

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It could be her.


That's a scary thought.

Perhaps I have hurt your feelings, but that was not my intention.

Have you ever brought your dog to this beach?

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Would it be OK if I gave Klaus this old suitcase?


Give Thierry a smile.


Leave my things alone.

Olivier wants me to help Nou.

Randal was the victim of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

I'm getting tired of this.

He is not happy, in other words he is sad.

I don't think we can wait any longer.

When the dog is happy it wags its tail.

You plan to go to Boston with Loukas, don't you?

Her dog is not so much faithful as tame.

Leave Max alone, please.

There is no doubt that his sons are good boys.

Shane wanted Delbert to buy him some stamps while she was at the post office.

Ted says he's busy today.


She is respected by her friends.

If you tell a lie enough times, you begin to believe it.

How many Christmas carols can you sing by heart?

I like tea more than coffee.

He lies.


The vocabulary of young people is not so great.


You have no alternative.

All great writers have their own personal styles.

It is said that Lycopene, a pigment found in tomatoes, makes your skin beautiful and helps you lose weight.

I used to live not far from here.

Isidore wishes he had a bigger car.

I am getting tall!

You can always ask for Tahsin's help.


I want a chamomile tea.

The child soon fell asleep in the bed.

Wolverine makes its lair under torn out roots, in rock crevices and other secluded spots.

That's very elegant.

Smoke is rising from the chimney.

I must have stolen it when I lost control of myself momentarily.

Without your advice, I would have failed.


I felt incredibly happy.

That's just what I need.

We always help each other out.


There's no lifeguard on duty.


Is there any sauce left? No, there is none.


The cut is no longer weeping and is starting to heal.

Vadim knows he's not going to win.

The other girls laughed at her.

Myron appeared out of nowhere to rescue her, like a knight in shining armor.

What kind of chocolate do you like?

Isidore is disobedient and rebellious.

When I was in New York, I visited Brooklyn.


Who is the tallest of the five?

Lorien came by here earlier.

Is that a bullet hole?

She asked me what I expected.

Are they speaking French?


You must be doing wonderfully in everything.

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Say what you will, I will act on my own judgement.


I won't sleep tonight.

Liber lay on a sofa with his eyes closed.

You could've come with me.

We had lunch at a little coffee shop.

The content of his speech is not relevant to the subject.

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That's very thoughtful.


If you want to get a picture in some beautiful place and there are only strangers nearby, then ask some fat person to help you. Then you can be assured that he won't run away with your camera.

"Could I have some sugar?" "Here you are"

I can't remember anymore.

We need emergency assistance.

Make him confess!

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I've already told Hirotoshi about the meeting.

They both did well.

I know you mean well.

Ninja and Edmond managed to escape just in time.

Give me the sword.

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Tell those people to back off so that the helicopter can land.


I didn't know you were a member.


I should have married your brother.


His room is always a tip.

There's an alley behind my house.

Pass the buck.

You need to sign that.

Powders of aluminium, magnesium, silicon, etc. explode.

Many people lead a sedentary life, which can lead to weight gain.

President Monroe was a slave-owner.

Riding a unicycle is one thing I'm not very good at.

Rajendra was never my friend.

It is rumored that he gone bankrupt.

Let's take a walk for a change.


I had my bicycle stolen last night.

Leigh abandoned his family and moved to Boston.

It's a no-brainer.

There's a swimming pool not too far from where I live.

Michiel sat cross-legged on the bed.


The fish is hiding under the rocks.


The Republicans want to repeal Obamacare.

Stop taking away my right to take away other people's right.

I ate the cheese.

My mother is eccentric.

I'll take what you got.

His prediction might come true.

Do you like gummy bears?

Eliot saw Patrice with another man.

Say nothing but good things about the dead.

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She always lets her children do what they want to.

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Sanford says he's swearing off smoking.

How tall this tree is!

Nicholas and Elizabeth are in the living room.


I'll pay you back.

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Red wine is not traditionally served with fish.

Lori used to sit on my right in science class.

You must miss Ramon a lot.

You'd better get back to work.

I'm not sure I agree with him.

The skaters glided rapidly around the rink.

We're so happy for you.

You can't fight City Hall.

You could let us go.

Patrick must've told Lowell about what happened.

Don't you want me to keep it?

You'd be stupid to trust her.

I don't believe you.

It's hard to blame them.

Vistlik has been very generous.

She began to get the feel of her new office.

Half the battle is attitude, and you have a great one.

I won again.

I will not need to add texts manually.

I'm loyal.

You speak so quietly I can barely hear you.

Brooke spent three weeks in the hospital.

I'd like to talk to the coordinator of this project.

I don't think I'll make it.

A footballer, who had two cervical vertebrae broken in a tackle last week, may never walk again.