Making Media’s Content Searchable

Videos contain a lot of information but there is no effective technique to retrieve that data. For example, Target has a few Petabyte (1e+3 Terabyte) of their surveillance cameras and they want to analyze customer’s behaviors at gaming section at curtain time. The task becomes impossible because of the size of data and the cost will be tremendous. […]

Crash Course in Semiotics

Crash Course in Semiotics BY LUCIA PERILLO      1. “Naked woman surrounded by police”: that’s one way to start the poem. But would she mean anything devoid of her context, in this case a lushly late-August deciduous forest, some maple, mostly oak? She carries no prop—for example, no bike chain, which the cops could be […]


Changeling BY HIEU MINH NGUYEN Standing in front of a mirror, my mother tells me she is ugly says the medication is making her fat. I laugh & walk her back to the bed. My mother tells me she is ugly in the same voice she used to say no woman could love you & […]


Again BY ROSS GAY Because I love you, and beneath the uncountable stars I have become the delicate piston threading itself through your chest, I want to tell you a story I shouldn’t but will and in the meantime neglect, Love, the discordant melody spilling from my ears but attend, instead, to this tale, for […]