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I gave it to them.

Haven't they spoken Arabic?

The date of the examination clashed with my sister's wedding.


Do you have access to him?

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Get ready for bed.

Mr Jones hasn't been here as far as I know.

Are you coming to Boston this weekend?

I'll never come back here again.

The medicine tastes bitter.

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You should speak with Bert.


The accident was caused chiefly by the unpredictable weather.


She spends many hours at the gym to lose weight.


Should I bring them with me?

Mashing potatoes with your non-dominant hand is hard, but good practice for becoming ambidextrous.

Can't you hear the sound?

This tale is a trip through infinite space.

You should be setting a good example for your younger brother.

He didn't buy it.

I want to get these things done as quickly as possible.

This car is not mine.

Spy was killed in the line of duty.

Toufic writes everything down so he won't forget it.

I can't put up with his temper any longer.

Don't be like the rest of them. You're so beautiful just the way you are.

I think you should tell Takayuki where you are.


I'm going to go to the men's room.

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Malcolm said he has to go.


I hope to marry her.

The rescue worker went into the disaster zone with a helicopter to save people.

This city has many wide avenues.

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The soldier took shelter in the foxhole.

She read one poem to him.

Do not feed the animals.


Didn't I tell you Spudboy wouldn't like it?

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Under no circumstances can the scheme be put into practice.

I used to work in a bank.

I'm a huge fan of trains.

You don't have to pay.

We like to chop wood.

Get me Romain on the phone.

He encountered unexpected obstacles.


Isabelle is a lot like you in many ways.

I am not a prophet.

This time Bob is likely to win.


A big canoe was cutting through the water.

I wonder what it sounds like.

Here, have a drink.


I didn't learn very much.

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It's 2:00 p.m.


I'm calling to answer your question.

They're all fine, thanks.

Let's talk over a cup of tea, shall we?


When I lived in America I played golf with my friends.


If you want, you can use my table.


I'm not sure about Hawaii, where there are too many Japanese, but I do find that having at least some Japanese around can be reassuring. That's how I feel.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for I am the evilest sonofabitch in the valley.

Fred likes to climb the trees.


"Stop laughing!" said Geppetto angrily; but he might as well have spoken to the wall.

Don't expect me to believe such a tall tale.

I'm sorry to disturb you while you're talking.


I see a rare flower in the vase.

He cheated me.

He caught them stealing apples.

Try to appear happy.

The game was put off till next week.

Nathan wanted to talk to you.

I think Miltos is too assertive.

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Would you guys just shut up already?

There's often a simple solution to what seems like a complicated problem.

I don't think I belong here.

Everything looks great.

The food here is too expensive.

I rushed Lenora to the hospital.

She helped me.

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Lynne grew to like Lee more and more.

She missed the morning service.

Brooke just got that suit.


He's encouraging me to go there.

Silvio Berlusconi is the chief of his party.

He probably won't come.


A dollar does not go very far these days.

I didn't put it there.

Linda was a very loving mother.

It seems a bit feudal to call him "sir".

This isn't their fault.

We only want to help you, Pam.

Can Adam get a dog?


I love biking and hard rock concerts.

We used emergency measures to revive the cardiac arrest patient.

Wilmer was moaning in pain.

Kikki is sure to know what we should do.

Do you have any soft drinks?

Why do you think I'm scared of you?

Planting trees at this age!

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Not all English people like fish and chips.

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This is a bow for a strong person.


You've got my number.

Kikki isn't really my type.

I'm sophisticated.

It was stupid. We never should have done it.

Sorry sir, I'm afraid he may not be in.

Heidi was completely surprised by Jeffery's offer.

A desk stood in the centre, with a red leather swivel-chair.

I met the person who killed your wife.

We have just bought two pieces of furniture.


I wouldn't dream of telling Ralf.

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I'd love to overcome my inferiority complex.

We just want to help you.

She blushed seeing it.

We spoke about many subjects.

She was late to work because she overslept.

The tie is very beautiful.

She looks lonesome.


My very educated mother just showed us nine planets.

How could they forget us?

You might get shot.

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It took me ages to get through that book she lent me.

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I have a tattoo.

Michael is almost back to sleep.

Leo wasn't there today.

I suppose Rik is still alive.

Buy the dress you want.

Let me just go talk to Nathan.

We will start as soon as possible.

By the time our long conversation was over, Mother was tired of standing.

Erwin dislikes noisy cities.

I'm having a wonderful time here in Vancouver.

The city consists of two parts.


That's the stupidest thing you've ever done.

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Many people do not immediately understand the difference between states and governments.

What's all this got to do with Lanny?

What's your next question?

I fear that the ghost exists. It has been well known for three centuries, since 1584 in fact, and always makes its appearance before the death of any member of our family.

How long is it since you came to Japan?

Why are you telling us this?

Ro is now almost as tall as his father is.


Dave couldn't decide exactly when he should go to Boston.

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No one knows the real reason why we love dogs.


Today I'm online.

She had never kissed a guy before.

She thought of a good solution.


That book costs 3,000 yen.

Win looks offended.

You must not speak ill of other boys in his class.

Did you find a doctor?

Can you fire a nation?

One crow doesn't peck another's eye.

Let us help you.

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Secure the door before you leave.

I assumed I'd go alone.

To me, there are but three treasures, compassion, frugality, and not daring to take the lead in the empire.

I never wanted to hurt them.

Gary isn't Garry, as they're not the same person. They're not related. In mathematics, they're labels put on different objects.

Will you give this to Patricio?

Jon was sitting in the living room folding laundry.

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Catch you later.