Christophe is calling back.

It's not as hot today as it was yesterday.

I don't think it's going to be that simple.

What I don't understand is why Tandy didn't stick around and help us.


"Do you want to buy them?" "Yes."


The shark, being very old and suffering from asthma and heart trouble, was obliged to sleep with his mouth open.


It rained for three days on end.

Success is dependent on your effort.

No one cares about that anymore.

I'm charging this amount to your bill.

There's the answer.

Kent was carrying a leather briefcase.

I would like to thank you in advance for any help that you are able to give her.


He received a large sum of money in compensation for his injury.


I'm seriously considering it.

The girl doesn't like the red shoes.

Where did you think I was?


The more unique each person is, the more he contributes to the wisdom of others.

If you touch this switch, it will open the curtains automatically.

It's not a difficult problem.

We stood at the door to welcome our guests.

Now they're saying Kerry is the one who killed Celeste.

She made me promise not to say anything to you.

Jussi owes me thirty bucks.


Guests began arriving a little after 2:30.

I wasn't going to go there.

Micheal raised his arms.


How did Srikanth make use of that?


The police think that Lars beat Srikanth to death.


It took us ages waiting for you.


I'm glad you volunteered to help.


Rainer doesn't have any plans for tomorrow.

My uncle lives in Tashkent.

I've been trying to call you for the past 2 hours.

It will be hot tomorrow.

I was really fortunate.

It seemed that he had visited the office.

This math problem is unsolvable no matter which approach you use.

I can't tell you why because I don't know why.

I haven't heard that song in a long time.


I am a flawed person, but these are flaws that can easily be fixed.

Lorien seems to be sick.

Caroline may have left already.

A flock of birds whirled across the sky.

That wasn't our agreement.

What time does the train arrive?

Before you buy that car, you should shop around a little more.


Engineers have learnt from that failure.

Claire ordered another drink.

John's gone to the shop.


Takao mumbled something in French.

Would you like anything?

They lost the battle.

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What would happen if I pushed this button?

Everything is new.

I can't remember which sweets I liked as a child.

Would it be OK if Trying comes with me to your party?

Could you put those bags in the car for me?

It's high time you got going.

I swore I'd never do that to anyone.


Linley wants to drink champagne.


Leigh is no killer.

Nancy is going to cross the river.

Why are you trying to hide your feelings?

If rain fails farmers will stop ploughing

Why did you give up the idea of learning French?


He prepared carefully for the meeting.

In my opinion, in Kazakh there are many words that come from other languages, but there's nothing wrong with that.

Is that something for me?

Society is composed of individuals.

Mr Smith left Japan this morning.

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This looks like a good spot for fishing.

Karam is the best student in the whole school.

You've won my heart.

Scientists will come up with new methods of increasing the world's food supply.

You have to be careful when you're in the jungle.

She's concerned about your safety.

Fanta is my favourite soda brand.

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The man eats beans.

We're not going to let that stop us.

Thanks, Yukina.

We need to have a contract.

I'm still working on that.

I drew an ace.

You're smaller than Herman.

Deal the cards.

She is in her hotel now.


I could never afford a house as nice as that.


There's a secret drawer in the desk.

Everyone knows about us.

We went to Hakata to visit my grandmother.

They all posed for a picture.

I don't harvest your olives.

I heard him speaking French.

I did not want to attract attention.


I'll deliver the box.

I request.

After six months of non-stop work, we're ready to cash in.

Mann and Magnus rarely do anything together.

She is only 26 years old and has already managed several companies.

You sure have a lot of nerve!

Rahul seems tough.

He affirmed the truth of her statement.

Have you got used to the new class?

You'd better give it to me personally.

Pieter thinks he understands women.

Phiroze has never had much money.

Don't fool around on your way home.

Your death is my life.

That all happened at about the same time.


I don't ski, but I really like to skate.


A man overtook her.


Oh, no! I forgot to punch in again!

Whatever will be, will be.

I had a pretty good idea Mott wouldn't like my suggestion.

Joshua is very clever.

She reads after lunch.

You're the only one I called.

Have a wonderful evening.

Mikey and Marsh are the traitors.

The dog lying on the grass is mine.

You told Rajesh the whole story.

They paid me in kind.

He comes home from his trip to Europe tomorrow.

Prakash isn't petty.

My leg is broken. I can't move.

Is it true that Kikki thinks I believe that?

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All of you betrayed me.

The man we saw this morning was Mr Green.

The technology is very helpful in daily works of people in all respects.

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In public life, let all citizens be equal.

My daughter is tweeting now.

I have in-growing eyelashes.

Art takes many forms.

Kyung said you were sleeping.

All of Cliff's predictions came true.

I'll go to Hokkaido next month with my friend.


I have a million questions.

These are real.

I'll be up on the roof.

He decided not to go.

We have to take the stairs, because the elevator is being repaired.

Is it OK if we change the subject?

You ruined everything.

He's always broke at the end of the month.

Why hasn't this land been developed?


I think I'll take a look around.

She is always at the bottom of the class.

They were at each other's' throats.


I didn't need to see that.


Amedeo always keeps some aspirin in his jacket pocket.

How do I get over the river?

This dish is filled with many invigorating ingredients.

Kirsten has a very quick mind.

It was fall two months ago.

They'll never understand.

I grew up eating Mexican food.

I write poetry in my free time.

Do you think anyone is watching us?

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I was in the hospital a few days ago.


Ron and Saad often dine with us.


A little bread and butter.


Adrian is Corey's daughter-in-law.