Can you please pour me some more wine?

Whoever says so, it is not true.


Raghu is a senior member.

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Damone claims he didn't know what he was doing was wrong.

Have you learned the poem by heart?

I was given a new jacket.

I've never needed a friend more than I do right now.

We could freeze to death.


Steven didn't even cry.

He's one of the best.

Was Carsten angry?

I just wanted to see what would happen.

As a nationalist feeling, real Japanese think that the heart of their language is the phonemic Kana, not the logographic Kanji.


Son, don't rack your brains over this problem, we'll solve it on our own.

Is this a duty-free shop?

Donna has lost his car key.


I should've gone to yesterday's meeting.


Deborah is having a very bad day.

It's not possible to study with so much noise!

That's how I got started.

Why don't we split this?

Maybe I can help you.

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We'll welcome you at any time.


You don't have a clue.

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Don't smoke in here.

Appearances can be deceptive.

The second sentence was just as long.

If it annoys you so much, file a complaint.

We're still looking for Cary.

Raanan lives in the country.

She can't sing.


She had never traveled by subway.

I'll sweep the floor while you wash the dishes.

I am knackered.

Ripe papaya smells like vomit.

Rodent is useless.

Shankar stood up and headed for the door.

Grammar and usage are the sine qua non of language teaching and learning.


At seven-thirty, we too closed the door behind us.


I'm in Papua New Guinea.

The ship was unloaded at the port.

Harris smiled slightly.


What do you want to do after you graduate?

Indeed this chair is fine to look at, but it will not stand up to long use.

I think you'd know the reason for that better than I do.


They only sell women's shoes here.

He could hardly comprehend what she was implying.

A gardener was called in to design the garden.

The girl screamed when she saw the flames.

At four we could go home.

How did you hurt your leg?

I completed the whole high school curriculum.

Throw the ball to Gunter.

Manavendra finally got it.

How long was the journey to New York?

I never realized how awful living all alone could be.

I have some friends in the police department.

I'm not interested in a relationship.

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I studied the structure of Ainu families.


This was all a mistake.

I'd better call her again.

Wayne missed the opportunity for a promotion.

I'd never seen Samir cry before.

Everyone has some kind of god, even if that "god" is reason.

Delbert is an outspoken person.

The walls of the town were destroyed.

You really hurt him.

Someone said Gregg is looking for us.

I consider him my enemy.

Mike wore a large hat.


Do you have this jacket in different colors?


At present, we have 1,600 students at our school.

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I made you guys something.

I didn't do it that way.

It is said that there will be a big earthquake in the near future.

We're working on the arrangements.

We have a dog.


She has a double-barrelled name.


I saw Clyde's birth certificate.

Fine, who are you?

Do I really have to do this?

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She unburdened herself of her terrible secret.

We ran up against a lot of opposition.

I don't want any more!


Feeling sleepy, I went to bed.

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The losers received a "prize" too: They were beaten up by the winning team!

A butterfly's wing contains many details.

Martin looks forward to going to work every morning.


We're going to give it another try.


Ed walked in.

It's unlikely.

Brent is on the swim team at school.


You weren't disappointed.

She's minging.

That boy looks like him.

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I'm addicted.

This is the house where I live.

Things are different here.

Would you care to leave a message?

It's admirable.


I was looking for something, but couldn't find it.

Do you have home delivery?

This is the first time I've ever upset Marika.

I get tired due to my old age.

Isn't it wonderful how things work out?

The best math students are there too, and the competition is strong.

I'm so hungry I could eat a horse.

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Let's pretend we have a happy marriage.


Each package contains a score of cigarettes.


What an absurd idea!

She checked the mailbox.

We must not go to war again.


Lar helped us push the car.


You're the only one who can help me.


John cannot keep his family.

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Philip was acting strange.

Blayne and Manolis both looked worried.

He kicked his shoes off without untying them first.

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He fell down in the mountain.


Stuff happens.

I really like puppies.

You're shaken.

It may not matter.

He gave us a detailed account of his experiences in Africa.

I think it's cruel to keep a cat inside.

Why do you want one of those?

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I would like to go to the USA.

The whole company stood in silence for a few moments, as a tribute to the dead.

Roxie just wants to talk to me.


I can't do it without a hammer.

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There is an urgent message for you.

Danielle is an athlete with extraordinary strength.

We don't have time to debate.

We intended to stay there about two weeks.

He is none the wiser for all his experiences.

He prays dictatorially.

Let's sit on the grass.

Though he's not clever, he's a diligent worker.

The dead fish on the beach have started to smell.

Let's watch TV here.

Do I have to stay in the hospital?


I'd like to get into journalism in the future.

When were you planning on telling me?

He is not a student.

I looked up, and did not recognize the same man: before, I had seen death in his face; but now he was alive, and I recognized in him the presence of God.

Are you sure that man's name is Stewart?


Let's ask them something else.

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I would never say anything to intentionally hurt you, you know.


I am Choctaw.

I only have a few hours.

Jailson drank a delicious orange juice.

I used to hate her.

Hitoshi is sticking a bill on the wall.


Is Suzan really guilty?