Only an ardent fan could create such a faithful pastiche of the artist's works.

Eugene has sharp eyes.

That was our only comfort.

Come on. Don't be shy.


Will you wake me at seven?

Now run along.

It is an exciting time of the year.

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Did you figure it out on your own?

He was taken to the United States for trial.

The town developed into the center of the economy.

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It is frightfully expensive.

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I felt the brush of her hand against me.

She had two cell phones. One to lose and the other in order to be able to find the lost one by calling it.

Norman is on the phone.

I don't like this teacher; he always ignores my questions.

Noemi won't return my calls.

I will come when I can.

She's a lot better today.

Panzer stopped screaming.

They don't work very hard.


They spend a lot of time together.

The flood was the greatest disaster they had ever had.

Rolf asked Dennis when the last time she had bought a book was.


The hospital had a grand opening last month.

I didn't know that I was supposed to do that.

Sigurd was working for me.

A trickle of blood ran down his neck.

They're both beautiful.

I will take advantage of the summer vacation to travel abroad.

The decision has already been made.


It'll happen again.

I just got fired.

Trevor's youngest daughter is the apple of his eye.

We will go on a picnic tomorrow.

Not all of the jazz band kids could afford Harmon mutes.


Who else knew about it?

The number of motor vehicles in the city has increased.

They're always together.

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No one's getting past us.

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I know what Dimitry did to make you mad.

I prefer travelling by train to flying.

It occurred to me spontaneously.

"Could I ask you a few questions?" "Questions about what?"

You shouldn't make fun of us.

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I already bought it.

The judge made no bones about his disgust with the accused's actions and handed down the severest sentence possible.

That news report is inconsistent with the facts.

Would you like to see some of the videos we took on our trip to Australia?

She looks pretty no matter what she wears.


I have no sexual desire.

I'll go see if I can find us something to drink.

That's not exactly what happened.

When Tor put his foot into the stream, he felt something bite his toe.

I really spoke too harshly.


I'm sure this is exactly what you need.

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Ima is my dad.

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Florian was somewhere else.


What's the minimum salary in Egypt?


This restaurant serves savoury meals.

The truck made a sharp right turn.

The DA wants me to testify against Tao.

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"Did Jesus walk over water and then turn it into wine?" "No, that's a different story!"

Lin didn't seem very enthusiastic.

Where are your kids?

Just don't say anything to Olof, please?

Have you found what you were looking for?

Isn't that just what you'd expect from the prince? He certainly has the character of a truly great man.

Scott first changed a watch for a book, then the book for money.

I walk in the forest every day.

I've decided to do the same thing.

My time is expensive because time is the most precious thing we have. But for learning languages, I always have the time. Because with each new word we learn, our world becomes a tad more interesting.

Skip and I happened to be on the same train.


It is provided that the applicants must be woman.

She opened the window so as to let the fresh air into the room.

Isn't it obvious Al did it?


How old were you when you learned to write your name?

He earns three times as much as I do.

Stainless steel doesn't rust.


I've done the job two months in advance.

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I am going to speed up the video.

That book still makes me cry.

I have no intention of doing that.

I don't trust businessmen.

This game is similar in some ways to today's American football.


Who is she speaking to?

I still think Shannon is hiding something.

In Japan a new school year starts in April.

Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.

The World Health Organization says alcohol abuse is the third leading cause of death and disability in the world.

Kit has an imaginary friend.

I'm not eating this fish.

Darci has been in Boston way too long.

We've been eating a lot of beans lately.


The manager suggested that I go with him to the airport.

Donald asked me out again.

Kriton isn't interested in anything Petr has to say.

Just tell me what happened next.

John tends to get angry when he doesn't have his own way.

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While I was walking down the street as an ordinary pedestrian, I saw my predecessor in a limousine.

This is Syd's cat.

The cold weather lasted for three weeks.

How fast she swims!

There are some apples in that box.

Did you tell John about your problems?

I don't want to take up too much of your time.


I know it's difficult.

What did Kirsten say he was doing?

Man is the measure of all things.

Let's not do this just once a year.

Would it be better to start early?

Does Tomas want to watch the movie with us?

We had next to nothing in the kitchen.

They didn't know that this was going to happen.

I was taking a walk.

Owen bought a gun.

He doesn't find anything better to do.

Of course, you weren't wrong.

I haven't read this story and neither has my sister.


Lenny isn't likely to win.


I'm not interested in what others think about me.


Water is liquid. When it freezes, it becomes solid.

Bill is fighting.

Ricardo made himself get up.

We have to leave at once.

Why doesn't he like me?

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Sicily is hot in summer.

I feel their pain.

We can't see anything.

I lost your phone number.

Oh, would you catch the phone for me, please?


I wondered how I would cope with this.

Our baby will be born someday soon.

She isn't at home now.

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Do you have any idea what this means?


The milk has a bad taste.


We saw Mr Sato leave the room.

I'm just a hindrance.

The store opens at 9 a.m.

Football is an exciting sport.

He cannot see the matter from my point of view.

Ragnar's mother told him to clean his room.

There are many park fountains that have money in them.

Giles added some interesting spices to the stew.

I can't let you go.

Some of the patients are suffering.

Everyone here is afraid of them.

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Where is your teaching material?

We celebrated Christmas with a familial lunch.

I don't know your reasons for not liking Len.

I didn't want to ruin the day for you.

Lindsay restarted his computer.

Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to conscience, above all liberties.

He got his watch fixed.

Well, let's talk turkey.

The doctor reassured me about my father's condition.

Do you agree with their decision?

I met a friend there.

One morning, she unexpectedly met him on the street.

I have had it with Casey.

Can we count on you?

I'm flabbergasted to know the word "flabbergasted".

Please tell me exactly what you did.

I imagined the whole thing.

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That sounds weird but it's true.