I let my emotions cloud my judgment.

My father expects me to marry Daniele.

Did you call?

Sofia was obviously happy to see Leslie.

This house is built from Brazilian lumber.

What do you want her for?

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Herman took a few things out of his suitcase.

I'd never steal anything from you.

It might freeze, it might thaw.

Rose petals are very soft.

Make sure that the gas has been turned off.

Darin tried in vain to convince Dustin to go to art school.

Charlene tried hard, but failed.

We wish friendship.

It happened that I was out then.

It's not worth the effort.

Leif found Saify where he expected her to be.


Zip it! Lock it! And put it in your pocket! In other words, please just shut up already!

We have some other leads to follow up.

The first air striking unit consisted of 50 Zero fighters, 40 torpedo bombers and 81 dive bombers.

Dogs are permitted.

That's the problem with this job.

Kevin cared.

Speak, if you can; what are you?

At what time did he leave?

Are you methodical?

You're playing with fire if you insist on riding your motorcycle without a helmet on.

Life is an adventure.

Well, I wouldn't put it quite like that.

The best time of life is when you are young.

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We have more than a hundred books at home.

The rain falls on the just and the unjust alike.

I thought we were supposed to eat lunch together.

I've been living in this house since last month.

He wriggles like an eel.


I've just returned from the post office.

My kid can't say "Kinpiragobo", he always says "Kinpirabogo" instead.

They made me swear not to say anything.

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Fishing is the only thing Amy wants to do.


You're planning something, aren't you?

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She always looked happy, but in fact she'd never once had anything to be happy about.

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In Denmark, there aren't any yellow postboxes.

He's very jealous of his wife.

Their modest income doesn't allow for many luxuries.


There's obviously been some misunderstanding.

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That remains a big problem.


Loss of health is more serious than loss of money.


There's nothing you can do to stop Christofer from going to Boston.

The mother elephant bathes her baby in the river.

Shatter covered his mouth.

That actress is as beautiful as ever.

He met his wife online.

How many smoke bombs still have to be thrown until the government actually succeeds in covering up the scandal?

Carol has just returned to her hotel.


Felix doubts if it will rain.

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Joyce would never forgive us.

George finished.

You the man!


He muttered complaints against the school.

Let's just go find him.

Evelyn couldn't finish his dinner.

I had a cat named Cookie.

You should feel bad for them.

"Who's this man?" "That's not a man. It's a robot I thought up!"

Didn't you put it there?


Curiosity got the better of Nicolette.

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She's the real racist for saying that.

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Charles sold his bike on craigslist.


Why would anyone want to kiss me?

This is really creeping me out.

The thief ran away at the sight of a policeman.


George was carrying a briefcase full of cash.

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Five fours are twenty.

Nara is an old city worth visiting at least once in your life.

Astronaut Ed White performed the first American spacewalk during the Gemini 4 mission on June 3, 1965.

It is difficult to solve this problem.

We managed to save them.


You were the first one here today.


I had no idea you didn't like carrots.

A few moments later, all slept soundly.

We must go and see her.


The river is about half as long again as the Thames.

Bradley looked quite interested.

I was thinking about them.


We suspect it's about a poisoning by snake bite.

I'll need a loan.

Has anyone told you that you have beautiful eyes?


Son should go help Jong.

Never have so many been manipulated so much by so few.

He did not so much as turn his head.


I plan to make a trip to China in the winter or soon after.

If you don't sleep, you'll die.

Knute had a difficult job.

You got to learn to take what people are willing to give.

Someone told me that you had died.

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E-mail was supposed to transform the way people communicate.

Make sure that you do it yourself.

Let's not waste time talking about Alvin.


The doctor recommended that you should give up smoking.

I must find my key.

Take your hands off my things!


His bitter words still rankle in my mind.

Marcia is looking for his son.

Lust is one of the seven deadly sins.

They trudged up the frosted hill, every step a testament of their will to live.

I'm an egotistical bastard, and I name all my projects after myself.

Who am I to complain?

That's enough exercise for today.

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We don't help racists to promote their delirium caused by ignorance and stupidity.

I convinced him of his fault.

Vladimir is obviously upset about something.

Sheila wanted Antonella to come over for an early dinner.

What kind of costumes did you buy for the children?

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Let's greet our guests.

Don't make any noise, I'm studying.

He got words of thanks from James.

Do you think it's easy to find a job in Germany?

I won't be needing this.

What did they ask you to do?

I'm doing some history research and would like to ask you a few questions.

Love is above money. The latter can't give as much happiness as the former.

Why do you have to do that?

Orville has a chip on his shoulder.

I tried my best to help them.


I was surprised because my husband actually ate some of our wedding cake.


Who ran?


I'll see you when you get here.

Daniel accepted the gift.

Return to your room.

Experienced editors are working well

Nichael and Sergio entered the library at the same time.

That's a jewish cult.

My mother made me a cute skirt.


I don't want to feel like this anymore.

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One would like to have a collection of last words of famous people.

If I bought everything that I wanted, I'd have no money left for what I really need.

I'm really looking forward to it.

Every day, it's getting hotter and hotter.

Let us suppose that the number of incidents is twice that of those officially recorded.

I never dreamed that he would succeed.

Ah, that reminds me of the old days!

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I just want what's best for Tricia.


Tandy asked for a blanket and a pillow.

Who knows where Jesse went?

Kids will take a chance - if they don't know, they'll have a go.


You know you can't do that.

He passed by my house but didn't drop in.

How early do I have to make a reservation to qualify for the discount?


Farouk's in love with Meehan's best friend.

Miltos sat across from Curt.

She got an anonymous tip.

I wanted to go there with her, but I was too busy.

You're not a good enough pilot to be able to land there.

Hillary will be in Boston next week.

Marc couldn't fall asleep.

I'm not living with him anymore.

I'm going on a date with my boyfriend today, so I've been in a very good mood since this morning.

You're scaring Joachim.

It's worth the risk.