What else would you like to know?

It's hard to believe you.

He believes every word I say.

In Asia, French language is often associated with romantism.

I thought we had agreed on this.

We're in love.


Does this dress look good on me?


Jim is not what he was.

Jean-Paul Sartre was a famous French philosopher.

We believed Sherman.

That's just the way he likes it.

I know what to do if something were to happen.


I never told anyone.


I practice sport almost every day.

If I get a good mark, I can pull off an A in biology.

The resort has large swimming pools.

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The consensus indicates that we are opposed to the proposed idea.


They divided the bread into two pieces.


The car's tires were caked with dried mud.

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Joel works for NASA.

What size helmet do you wear?

But I don't know how to cook kebabs!

I can't make an exception.

Carbon dating was performed on the sample to determine its age.

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She's off with the flu.

I don't know how to begin.

Dan failed to pay up his debts.

Keep away from that.

I wonder if Leigh ever took Rodney up on her offer.

You know how you get when you're hungry.

Just the same!

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Your handwriting is illegible.

This is a good report, except for this mistake.

You need to wear a tuxedo.

No other hotel can beat this one for service.

Did you see what it was?

It is going to snow.

I hope that you aren't serious.

We spent all of that night, the next day, and the next night in the cellar.

Look at that boy running.


Luca is more intelligent than you.


You must be the Jacksons.

They go barefoot.

What if someone sees us?

Christina relaxed a bit.

You need help.

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He had a Big Mac.

Would you give him this for me?

The lawyer appealed to the jury's sense of justice.


If you write your address on a web-page, anybody can find out where you live if the whim takes them.

Don't drink beer before going to bed.

They're joking.


What do you want now?


Railroads were built across the west.

I am near-sighted, so I cannot make out what is written on that signboard.

Does Larry want to go with us?

Humans are very poor random number generators. If you ask someone to pick a number from 1 to 4, they'll usually pick 3.

That's how it has to be.

"What the hell?! Hark, what have you done?" "Nothing yet. ...No, I have."

We will reach Tokyo before dark.

Take as much as you like.

They won't find Murph there.

Alastair is dumbfounded.

We're having difficulty finding Jarmo.


He had an unpleasant expression on his face.

I don't know the reason why he will not go on to college.

Tollefsen has something he wants to say to you.

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Norman stopped by Amy's store to buy sugar.

It is easy to get the cranky man's goat by teasing him.

Please refrain from smoking until the sign is turned off.

He asked for a lot of money.

I was hurt and upset.

This was the most interesting book that she had ever read.

I need to go to the gym.

He contributed a lot of money for the sake of art.

Open the window and you'll have fresh air.

Come on, Andries, I'll race you.

Read to your kids.

What should we do with her?

I know who I'm going to vote for.

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The board is about two meters long.

Malus is getting married tomorrow, right?

I'm ready to move on with my life.

What did you tell her about it?

Reinhard and Juliet have been in Boston for three years.

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Pria turned on the heater.


It's divided into three parts.

I don't want Galen to join the navy.

Read between the lines.


You shouldn't let children play with the kitchen knife.

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You're giving me the same old line.

Penny didn't want to look like a tourist.

They're taking pictures.

When he got home, his wife was frying some delicious steaks.

That's clearly not a priority.


Butler changed the plan.

Fresh fruit is good for you.

Where will it be?

I tend to agree with you.

Steven waited for Patricia to begin.

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Have pity on me!

I don't know that much about Phiroze.

Carisa didn't even try to pretend that he liked Hartmann.

My aunt brought up five children.

Spike had a good reason for doing what he did.


I'm such a fool.

He was glad to avail himself of any means to succeed in life.

What's the best way to stop your children becoming atheists?

My mother acquired her knowledge of English in the United States.

I haven't seen or heard from Belinda since then.

Sedovic didn't know who the girl was.

I wonder how that happened.

I don't want you to go hungry.

Would you be so kind as to lend me your book?

Dan loved two things in this world: cars and women.

There's an empty bedroom in the house.

Barney said it was time to eat.

"That was a strange dream." "What happened?"

While I was thinking over whether I should accept such strange apologies, Coutabay leafed through the book and read loudly and expressively: "While I was thinking over whether I should accept such strange apologies, Coutabay leafed through the book and read loudly and expressively: "While I was thinking..." Holmes quickly snatched the volume from Coutabay's hands.

He said it was unconstitutional.


They traveled at night so no one would see them.

Keep an eye on the bags.

Christie had an alibi.

Twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty, or thirty-one days make a month.

I'll get you more.

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He has disposed of what was left of his estate.

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I told you to stay away from Stuart.


I will come back as soon as straight.

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I appreciate the trust you've shown in me.

She can speak and write in French.

Wendell works the late shift.

Dan hid the murder weapon in Linda's bedroom.

Reading is not less necessary to our mind than food is to our body.

He talks fast.

When all the group members are silent, somebody must break the ice.

The British captured Breed's Hill.

Where can I park?

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What did you experience?

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A cart with four horses is not able to overtake the human tongue.


I just wanted to help the team.

A present is winging its way over to you as I write.

Janice needs a new pair of glasses.

Take off your jacket and empty your pockets.

Camel archers are very powerful.

We've run out of beer.

I was watching the scene holding my breath.


We must protect the children.

I don't think that would be wise.

We could understand each other.

I never got good grades in junior high school.

Murthy swam in his clothes.


I've known Marian for about three years.


Cold blasts from the broken window chilled us.


Whatever he says, do not trust him.

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Do you have plans for this weekend?

I am a Christian.

I think we have more work to do.

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Did you do this for me?

I'm addicted to what I do.

Roman is a hard person to please.