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Help me lift the package.

What's made you think that they'd want to kiss you?

You should learn how to control that mood of yours.


Maybe I'll try it.

I'm doing it for Norman.

The walls were covered with graffiti.

She shed plentiful tears when her beloved dog was killed in an accident.

Do you like watching sports?

Mayo didn't know how to express himself well.

Every rumour contains a grain of truth.

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He extinguished the fire.


As yet he has not succeeded.

I'm sorry, this is a private party.

I'm reading the newspaper.

He has a degree in forestry

What is it you want, Bobby?

Greetings, old friend!

Kitty should be home now.

Check your order.

So far does anyone have any question?

Love is a kind of madness.

Are you telling me what to do?

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Amigo might be all right.

The crux of his argument can be found on p. 56.

I'll never give this to you.


Where a tooth aches, there goes the tongue.


Have you spoken with her?

Panos's parents are very proud of him and all he has achieved.

We have three adopted children and two biological children.

Have your parents met your girlfriend yet?

Will you do the work that Seosamh didn't do?

Everything is still new for me.

Some believe in God, but others do not.


We don't have this in Australia.

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Roderick is falling in love with Ralf, I think.

I know of what I speak.

What were you like when you were fifteen?


They went on an expedition to the North Pole.

Liber is studying in her room now.

I always have a tired feeling.


I just wanted to clarify that.


He may have been ill.

I was relaxed.

Write it up.

That's an item from a famous company.

Why won't Kanthan talk to us?

Thus the brothers were married: the oldest to a young boyarishnia, a nobleman's child; the second to the merchant's beautiful daughter, and the youngest, Tsarevitch Ivan, to a croaking frog.

I used to be a professional musician.


I know you don't like Vaughn.

The story was originally written in English.

I don't think we can wait any longer.

In science, results of experiments must be duplicated by other researches before they begin to be accepted by the scientific community.

I am the best.

He simply shrugged off my suggestion.

Leave that alone!

I need your cooperation.

I have been learning English these four years.

Edith can wait here.

Fred was very troubled by his wife's nagging.

Nora's imaginative.

Susanne converted about half of his yen into dollars and the other half into euros.

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"You're a very attractive woman." "And you're a very attractive man."

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Can't you even do simple arithmetic?


He was impeded in his work.

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I need to speak to him now.

You have something in your pockets, don't you?

Stumbling on something this simple, I can tell it will be difficult going forward.

I can't seem to quit smoking.

He's washing dishes.


I've got my dog in the car.


It looks like you just saw a ghost.

Clem agreed to do so.

I'll pay you back the money I owe you next week.

Coleen's funeral arrangements have already been taken care of.

Are you starting to get tired?

Filiberto has two lives.

I plan to finish it in two or three minutes.

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I've got a toothache. I just can't bear this pain anymore.

We caught sight of his boat.

Lar voted for it.


Do as your heart dictates.


You have been snatched again, for the sixth time now.

I mistook her for her sister.

I'll go and get the book tomorrow.


You'd better find them.

I only wish I had stopped Hirofumi from doing such a stupid thing.

What do you think the weather looks like?

I like science fiction better.

He felt severe pain in his back and legs.

The thought is father to the deed.

Both of my parents aren't alive.

I tried to reason with him.

Do you like these?


He doesn't speak our language.

Robin whistled as he trudged along, thinking of Maid Marian and her bright eyes, for at such times a youth's thoughts are wont to turn pleasantly upon the lass that he loves the best.

I didn't know him at the time.

I don't even know her.

The agent was able to squeeze a confession out of the terrorist.

Would you mind telling me how to do this?

You could've been killed.

Nicolo was homeless.

We came dangerously close to freezing to death.

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How do you know Jeremy didn't lie to you?


Show us what you're capable of.


Don't let him know the truth.


I don't have a car, but my sister does.

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It is important to be punctual for your class.

Rain, rain, go away. / Come again another day.

I'm resting.

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Nate didn't have to say or do anything.

Focus on the task at hand.

That's not what I wanted to show you.

Most swimmers shave their bodies.

I think you are my best friend.


Please write the answer on this piece of paper.

Belinda changed the plan.

A mule is a hybrid offspring of two species, a female horse and a male donkey.

I would love to be able to read French effortlessly.

Why have you brought me here?


In addition to good health, he has a good brain.


There has never been an age that did not applaud the past and lament the present.

There is something about him I don't like.

We love Australia.

Aren't you impressed?

Robbin is OK.

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I've heard that you can't alter your destiny.

I don't really go out much.

I'm just as busy as you are.

He has made the same mistake twice.

Please tell me where to put my suitcase.


All righty.

Deborah didn't want to take over the family business.

Please continue your favors towards us.

The crowd poured out of the auditorium.

This is what I've bought in Spain.

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Never accept a gift intended as a bribe!

Is it all under control?

We can order a pizza.

Men sometimes overestimate their sexual prowess.

The population of the town dropped by a third.


Rik is unavailable.


Try to investigate in depth the cultural values your text brings into evidence.

Do you think she still loves my letters?

I'm going on a diet.

I am peeling apples.

What does a Sovietologist research?


They go to watch a play once every month.

I get back on the 22.30 (train) to Bologna.

I am not breaking anything.


I want to become a diplomat.


I have a number of influential friends.

His salary rose 10%.

I wagered him a dollar that I'd sell more magazines than he would.

If it looks like a war, if it sounds like a war and if it kills like a war, then it actually is a war.

I was a little put out by this.

With peace comes prosperity.

You should go back right now.

Let me bring you up to speed.

Jayesh and Sanjeev are playing Rummy with their friends.