Are you sure you can trust them?

Roy replaced John as captain.


On the day appointed for the game they started together.

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This is just the book I was looking for.

I get self-conscious.

I love her, but she says ours is just friendship.

That's strange. I could have sworn that I'd locked this door.

Brian lives over the hill.


Don't get off the train till it stops.

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We've got to make sacrifices.

I should've thought of this sooner.

The police recovered the stolen jewelry.

Most matryoshkas are wooden.

This dog is yours. Where is mine?

Why can't you come?

Is the Pope Catholic?


He is getting used to this rural life by degrees.

Pierette is my hero.

The islanders are being slaughtered for no apparent reason.

Stop it! I'm a Giants fan.

Margot is getting nervous.

I told you not to come.

If you do something that stupid, you'll be laughed at.

They trudged up the frosted hill, every step a testament of their will to live.

I have no regrets.

This machine takes your money and gives you nothing in return.

I like the sun a lot.


This is the full list of Dan's equipment.


I really want him near me.

I need to know what's going on.

Lunar eclipses can be total or partial.

I tried to speak Chinese and Mr. Wang tried to speak French.

Do you think Lloyd believed your story?

Bernie doesn't need to worry about me.

We have a visitor this afternoon.

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Pantelis suffers from osteoporosis.


There used to be big trees around the pond.

I thought Mikael was in the bathroom.

If a relationship is good, marriage is redundant, but if it isn't, marriage becomes a liability.


Randy scraped the mud off his boots.

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Julian sat in the back of the classroom, looking bored.

Soon you'll get used to living by yourself.

What is the plan, exactly?

I doubt if you'll know anyone at the party tonight.

I hate asparagus.

I go for a walk every day, except when it rains.

If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible; who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time; who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer.

I don't really like the stores there.

One's point of view depends on the point where one sits.

These songs remind me of the happy memories of past days.

How much does it cost?

He has an innate love of adventure.

On the arrow that hits him, the bird sees his own feathers.

I know you've seen some awful things.

I want to learn about American daily life.


Trevor works harder than he used to.

I didn't have any good tips for you. Sorry.

The miners went on strike for a wage increase.


How did you arrive at this conclusion?


Vampires change shape.


I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

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There are too many adverts on youtube.

Take your shoes off before you come into the room.

I don't like being laughed at.


Why are you so quarrelsome?

The old houses were torn down to make room for a supermarket.

Gregory usually eats only two meals a day.

She is an ill-mannered individual.

In large cities, in London for instance, there is heavy smog.

Cliff was listening to her iPod.

She was anxious to know the entrance exam results.

I heard an explosion.

We'll be right over.

Will feeding my dog garlic cause any problems?

To my surprise he failed the test.

He descended to stealing.

They were not speaking Spanish.

I'd like to return this book.

What happened next was terrible.

Lucy met Alexis.

I'll see to it first thing tomorrow.


He stopped working due to health concerns.

That motor doesn't have enough power.


Truthful speech is not elegant, and elegant speech is not truthful. Good words are not persuasive, and persuasive words are not good. The knowledgeable are not many, and the many are not knowledgeable.

I heard that Jeffery and Serdar are planning to get married.


He failed in his business and now is a total wreck.


Crush the ginger.


Everyone wanted Mahesh to have fun.

I want you to behave yourself.

"My lady is in her chamber," said the servant.

Jinny's favorite movie is "Planet of the Squirrels."

Two pints are equal to a quart.

Darryl will up sticks at his aunt's house; he thinks he may be a burden to her.

I like the picture that I see there.

Have you already eaten at home?

Give it to me now.


Grandma sprinkled flour on the rolling pin so the dough wouldn't stick to it.

Kyung was a bad person.

Strange to say, she suddenly disappeared.

Triantaphyllos hated the shoes that Suu was wearing.

Two pictures overlapped.

In Japan, politicians are more often laughed at than loved in comics.

Speak of the devil.


Tim is being ridiculous.

OK. I agree.

German has a gender system, every noun has a gender: male, female, or neutral.

She told me that his mother was a doctor.

You speak two foreign languages, don't you?

I am studying now.

He went to America for the purpose of studying American literature.


I suggested that we should stay there another day.

I'm an old man.

We're not really sure yet.

Which browser is your favorite?

I've got to drink your cola.

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Did anybody call on you yesterday?


Smoking or nonsmoking?

Why would Chip say that?

I was born during the Showa era.

Rik never found out the truth.

There are a lot of dustballs under the couch.


We never would have allowed it.


They entertained us at dinner last night.


Louie helped Marshall fix the broken table.

You can sit down now.

My train left at 7 and arrived in New York at 10.

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Guido became a successful lawyer.

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Will you pay cash?

You've got to stop this.

I forgot to turn off the TV before going to bed.


Listen to those whom you think to be honest.

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The fact that she had gotten married twice was true.

He sent her a friend request.

Everyone knows what's going on.

We're in the same boat.

Only Takeuchi did not accept the invitation.

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Liber kicked open the door and entered the room.

That isn't actually what I meant.

This lamp gives off a soft light.

Duke said his failure was due to bad luck.

Do you know what he did?


I'm losing it.

They're hard to make.

Uganda is an African country.

I think it's highly unlikely that Ric will write back.

I thought you were with him.

You're on schedule.

Who did you give that to?

Bernard is Anatoly's French teacher.

Margie reached down and scratched his ankle.


Have you any idea what you've done?

I can't possibly stay.

Bill tapped me on the shoulder.


Jeanne is eating lunch.

Oh dear, this pain is so unbearable I can hardly take it. I wonder if I will survive the night.

Take deep breaths.


Konstantinos didn't go outside.


She injured a co-worker.

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He told me not to swim there.